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Rodent Control


 Introduction to Rodents:

Rodents are a huge problem when it comes to the spread of disease, parasites, other bugs like fleas, dirt and disaster. They  contaminate food, pose a danger to our pets, leave behind trails of fecal matter that is dangerous for health and have even been known to transmit Tuberculosis. If you have spotted any of these signs: droppings, destruction to property and furniture and food supplies, a dead or living rodent in your house or business, it is best to have them exterminated to put an end to any future issues. 

Rodents can easily gain access to the plumbing inside your walls, giving themselves full access to the entirety of your home. They then can search for food, especially among the nighttime hours while everyone is asleep, and begin to destroy your pantry and your resources. 

Rodents are best treated with urgency, as many breeds produce quite quickly. Female rats can produce over 80 offspring in one year, and female mice can produce up to 200 offspring  just in one year. 

Removal of Rodents

To begin this process, a professional pest control technician will come to inspect your home, to see where the problem lies and what would be the most efficient action to take in your situation. The professional will use different tools to block the rodents from their typical paths, forcing them to move towards a certain direction, where they will then be caught  through different baits and then exterminated.

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