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COVID-19 Disinfecting Services

Certified Pest Control now offers approved solutions for disinfecting homes, offices and commercial buildings throughout the five boroughs of New York. Our solutions have the capacity and have been proven to disinfect and sanitize...

Wild Life Pest Control

Certified Pest Control service includes skunks, possums, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, bats and birds. These animals can pose a danger to you and your loved ones. They have the ability to spread diseases, invade your home, and bring destruction to your property. They find ways to enter inside your walls, attic, garage, chimney,

Bed Bug Canine Services

Dogs have widely been used for their keen sense of smell to detect a variety of substances from drugs to mold. Specific species of canines can contain over three hundred million receptors in their noses compared to about thirty million for humans...

Pre-Demolition Abatement Services

New York City requires demolition companies to hire an exterminator to exterminate rats before buildings are demolished. Before demolition, the demolition company must get a certificate confirming that the pre-demolition extermination was performed and adequate...


If you've noticed the growing number of bees or wasps in or near your property, you may have an infestation. While there are  many types of Bees & Wasps, a number of them could be beneficial to the environment while other pose a threat of painful  stings and allergic reactions.  Hornets, Yellow Jackets and Wasps all produce a painful sting, thus making them the most common in the Bee & Wasp family to remove.....

Rodent Control

Rodents are a huge problem when it comes to the spread of disease, parasites, other bugs like fleas, dirt and disaster. They  contaminate food, pose a danger to our pets, leave behind trails of fecal matter that is dangerous for health and have even been known to transmit Tuberculosis. If you have spotted any of these signs....

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug occurrences and their parasitic presence are increasing in numbers month by month and year after year. For a multitude of reasons, these Parasites are popping up in movie theaters, schools, hotels and worse, our very own homes, with our  families...


Termites are social insects that can be extremely harmful to the wooden components in structures. The kings and queens of termite colonies can live up to 30 years, while worker termites usually live about two years. Termite season begins in March, and goes through April, and May.


Ants are a common pest when it comes to households and businesses. Carpenter Ants can nest in damp or rotting wood, and make their nests deep inside one's house.  Due to the severity ​of this and the intensity in which they multiply and destroy, it is important to call pest control professional if you notice any signs of ants....


Roaches are a problem in and of itself. They are nocturnal creatures, and so many times they go amiss in one's home or business. Cockroaches can breed and reproduce by the thousands in a short amount of time. They get into the pantry, food supplies, and animal feed continuously where they lay eggs and feed. They can be a huge...

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