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Bed Bugs


 Introduction of Bed Bugs:

Bed Bugs occurrences and their parasitic presence are increasing in numbers month by month and year after year. For a multitude of reasons, these Parasites are popping up in movie theaters, schools, hotels and worse, our very own homes, with our  families. Upon discovering that Bed Bugs raid one’s house, there can be an instinct to panic, stress and worry over what to do with the situation you now find yourself with. Along with the busy schedule of day to day life, now there is another burden to add to the list. 


Once thought of as a bug associated with poor life conditions or “dirty” surroundings, this blood sucking bug can unfortunately be found anywhere, including fancy homes and hotels. Over the course of history, Bed Bugs were once found in homes all over the United States, until pest control companies did their do in exterminating them nearly clear out of the country, but with the increase in overseas travel, business travel and a multitude of other reason, Bed Bugs are no longer a thing of the past. 


The Bed bug pest has many different diversities of species. Some of them prefer to feed on certain animals like birds, bats and rodents, yet when these animals intersect into our living quarters, they casually bring with them the parasites. 



Habits of Bed Bugs:

Now we come to the question: What is the next step in solving this drastic situation when we find them in our homes?

The habits of the bedbugs are of importance to observe for this next step. Bed bugs are parasites of the night, which means that they spend the daylight hours resting, and the nighttime hours feasting. During the day time, Bed Bugs may hid anywhere throughout one’s room where they can fit their flattened bodies, and where they are hidden away from site. These areas can include; under the bed, any minuscule crack or opening in furniture, the floor or the ceiling, night stands and lampshades, dressers and throughout it’s content, chairs and their padding, behind hanging decor, photo frames or paintings on the walls, under electrical outlet covers, in the ceiling, including ceiling fans. They bury themselves in any items stored underneath the bed, drawers and contents within our closets. 


When you have an appointment with a professional pest management company, they go out of their way to check all of these crevices during inspection, knowing what to look for and where specifically. Some of the crevices can be eliminated; such as wall cracks or cheap wall outlets, but many of the hiding spots cannot be “fixed” and so that is when a professional will use insecticide to treat the issue. A high powered vacuum upon the first visit to realize the household of the most burdensome bugs may be used, and after that the professional will work with the insecticide to rid the house of the rest.


When you hire a professional, the initial inspection will consist of them searching the bedsheets and covers for tiny specs of blood. These specs are blood are a telltale sign that Bed bugs are present. After a Bed Bug bites it’s host, and consumes what it would like, it then leaves the host, and in doing so may leave tiny traces of blood. The average feeding session of a Bed bug is about five minutes, and among their feeding session it is not common that the person will feel anything; no scratching, no itch, no pinch or sting. Bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, yet many people suffer from mild to severe reactions from these bites because as the Bed Bugs bites and feeds, a small bit of it’s saliva enters into our bloodstream, leaving our immune systems with more foreign matter to eliminate. 


Often times, a room that has been infested with Bed bugs will have give off a sweet odor due to the scent glands on their bodies. This is similar to stink bugs or certain types of beetles. Bed bugs will bite their host in any region of the body, not limiting themselves to just the lower legs, or just the neck and head like other pests are known to do. 


If the Bed bugs in your home have been in a long standing issue, and they have colonized further, than multiple visits by a pest control agency will be necessary to rid the home completely. The Bed bug is challenging pest to rid. The females can lay up to a hundred eggs per week, nesting them in dark hiding spaces, and sticking them to the surfaces of items. Fortunately the Bed bugs cannot fly, yet they are known to crawl with speed, and are often times found in other rooms aside from the bedroom that they originated in. They can also enter into spaces in between the walls and travel this way, these places are very hard to reach with insecticide, and thus it adds more of a challenge in riding them. 


Well trained Pest control professionals can easily identify what type of Bed bugs have invaded one’s home, since many species are abound these days. Bed bugs resemble the flattened bodies of ticket, yet with only the structure of 6 legs versus the 8 legs on a tick. Mature Bed bugs can appear very round after feeding, or quite flattened. They appear a reddish-brown color, and are 3/15 of an inch across. 



Prevention of Bed Bugs:

If you come from a family that travels frequently, especially internationally, this can sometimes propose an challenge in the prevention of Bed Bugs.  As was mentioned earlier, even nice hotels across the United States and Canada can have an infestation of Bed bugs. This can happen through poor awareness of the staff, and from previous guests who came from an infested home or infested hotel and has now left behind traces, eggs or adult females. The lack of sanitation is not a common preference to the Bed bugs, but the more organized, uncluttered and clean one’s home or room is, then the easier it will be to prevent them and even eliminate the pest from the site. Thoroughly checking all of our luggages after each travel, and regular vacuuming will help in the prevention or removal of Bed bugs.  


The best advice would be to carefully examine the bedrooms or any room you suspect for the evidence of blood, fecal spots, or check one’s own self and children for tiny bites. There could also be the presence of a strange or sweet smell in the room, that could lead one to a clue or answer. 


If the professional finds that one’s household contains the species of Bed bugs that come from animal sources such as birds, rodents or bats, then these sources will need to be eliminated as well. For example, bird’s nests in areas where the parasites can enter into cracks through the walls or roofing.  If you suspect this is an issue or you know you have wildlife pests living in parts of your house, it is best to have the professional pest control agency eliminate these as well. 


These tools will start to bring awareness to one’s lifestyle and home in the prevention of Bed bugs, and will further provide confirmation if there is an actual issue at hand. When one knows their surroundings and the reason for the issue: traveling, visiting guests, etc, they can better make decisions in the future that will allow them peace of mind for the cleanliness of their homes.

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