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Ant Control


 Introduction to Ants:

Ants are a common pest when it comes to households and businesses. Carpenter Ants can nest in damp or rotting wood, and make their nests deep inside one's house.  Due to the severity ​of this and the intensity in which they multiply and destroy, it is important to call pest control professional if you notice any signs of ants. Signs of ants would include; ant trails, dead ants  or groups of ants, any sounds of insects moving inside the walls, damaged or rotting wood on the home's exterior, especially near gutters. 

Removal of Ants

Though these pests are small, they are capable of large damages to one's property and resources. Extermination is vital upon the first stages of noticing an ant infestation. Some ants are known to carry with them diseases and bacterias like staphylococcus, streptococcus and salmonella.  Carpenter ants can burrow into the walls and cause property damage and structural damage of a building. 

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